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To build the world we want to see–one where people fleeing danger are welcomed with humanity– it’s going to take all of us. Together we will:

  • Protect people seeking asylum at the border and beyond
  • Build a humane reception system for migrants and refugees
  • Work together to support people seeking asylum in our communities

Join us to help ensure a just, humane, and dignified asylum system that respects and protects the rights of all.

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Support Restoring Asylum

In April, the Biden administration took a towards restoring access to asylum by announcing it would end Title 42 – a public health law that the Trump administration weaponized during the COVID-19 pandemic to deny families, children, and adults arriving at the southern border their right to seek asylum in the United States – on May 23rd.

Due to the interference by Republican-led states, a Trump-appointed federal judge blocked the administration from ending this policy. While the administration defends it decision to end Title 42 in the courts, a group of lawmakers is also attempting to stop the administration from ending Title 42. This bill would force the continuation of Title 42, preventing people from seeking asylum indefinitely. We expect lawmakers to vote on this measure in June.

During this pivotal moment in our fight to end Title 42 and restore asylum. Our communities need to send Congress a strong message that we are ready to end Title 42 and welcome people seeking asylum with dignity. 

Contact Congress: Email your Senators to reject efforts to keep Title 42 in place.

Speak Out: Use our updated messaging guidance to keep the pressure on the need to restore asylum. 

Support Asylum Seekers