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Governor Abbott’s Cruelty Is Limitless

Washington, DCThis week, Representative Joaquin Castro (TX-20) led a delegation of members of Congress to Eagle Pass, TX, to witness the cruelty of Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star. The delegation saw the Rio Grande filled with razor wire and chainsaw blades in buoys designed to inflict harm, if not death, on people seeking asylum at the southern border.

In response,
Melina Roche, Campaign Manager of the #WelcomeWithDignity Campaign for asylum rights, said:

“Governor Abbott continues to show the world that his cruelty towards other human beings is limitless. We cannot remain silent while people are denied water, families are separated, children are pushed back into the river, and people seeking safety and a better life are met with razor wires and buoy barriers with chainsaw blades.

“We are grateful for the members of Congress that refuse to stay silent and continue to defend the right to seek safety. Now it is time for the President to denounce these actions and for the federal government to hold Governor Abbott accountable for his aggressive and cruel actions. We urge the Department of Justice to immediately launch an investigation against Operation Lone Star’s growing list of abuses.”



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