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Pass a CLEAN Inflation Reduction Act

#WelcomeWithDignity urges ‘no’ votes on any anti-asylum or anti-immigrant poison pills during the budget reconciliation process.


Washington – The #WelcomeWithDignity campaign for asylum rights calls on Congress to vote ‘no’ on any anti-immigrant or anti-asylum amendments during the upcoming budget reconciliation process. Adopting such poison pills in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 could threaten the passage of this critical legislation. 


Not only would adding provisions to codify Title 42 derail the bill’s passage, but it would also support  a policy that CBP is using to expel 30,806 children ages 3 and under—with about 41 percent of these expulsions occurring at midnight or later, according to recent findings by the CATO Institute. The report is the latest example of Title 42’s staggering and unconscionable harm.


“The #WelcomeWithDignity campaign joins Senators Menéndez (NJ) and Padilla (CA) in urging the Senate to reject any amendments that would harm immigrant communities or asylum-seekers. Addressing climate change, healthcare, taxes, and inflation is vital and desperately needed progress – that’s why the Senate must not set up the budget reconciliation bill to fail by adding in dangerous anti-immigrant amendments.


If the Senate adopts extremist amendments, like codifying Title 42, to the Inflation Reduction Act, the #WelcomeWithDignty will oppose its passage. For far too long, Title 42 has harmed countless migrants and people seeking protection, including those who are especially vulnerable such as Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ asylum-seekers. Furthermore, this policy has only benefitted nefarious actors seizing on the desperation of people fleeing for their lives.” – Melina Roche, #WelcomeWithDignity Campaign Manager. 


The Welcome with Dignity Campaign is composed of more than 100 national and regional organizations committed to transforming the way the United States receives and protects people forced to flee their homes to ensure they are treated humanely and fairly. To learn more and join our campaign visit: