105 Groups Demand Biden End Trump’s Anti-Asylum Policies Ahead of Former President’s Visit to Border


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105 Groups Demand Biden End Trump’s Anti-Asylum Policies Ahead of Former President’s Visit to Border

Biden’s continued use of Title 42 has driven family separations, groups say


Washington — Ahead of Former President Trump and Governor Abbot’s visit to the border today, 105 legal services, human rights and immigrants rights organizations delivered a letter to the White House expressing alarm and disappointment that the Biden administration is reportedly considering to continue to use the unlawful Trump-era Title 42 asylum expulsion policy, described as a “Stephen Miller special,” to block and expel adult asylum seekers. 


The organizations–many of which are members of the #WelcomeWithDignity campaign– wrote to express their concern that the Biden administration would continue to use Title 42 policy to block single adults, which would disproportionately harm Black, LGBTQI+, and other people seeking asylum. 


The letter continues: “Rational, science-based measures, recommended by public health experts exist to mitigate COVID-19 concerns and safely process asylum seekers at the border… [Title 42] has been widely discredited by epidemiologists and public health experts who have confirmed it has ‘no scientific basis as a public health measure.’” 


“Human rights organizations and the media have documented the escalating dangers faced by asylum seekers and migrants subjected to the Title 42 policy, many of whom have been forced into squalid and dangerous conditions in several new camps near the border. Legal and humanitarian staff who work with migrants subjected to the policy have also faced serious risks to their safety. The Title 42 policy has also driven family separations as it presents families with the impossible choice of keeping children in danger or sending them alone across the border for their safety.”


The full text of the letter delivered to the administration today is available here


Earlier this month, a #WelcomeWithDignity campaign member, Global Response Management also recently released a report on the impact of Title 42 and other anti-asylum Trump-era policies continued by the Biden administration in Northern Mexico. 


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