There are a lot of news headlines every day to keep track of and make sense of… so if you only have time for a handful each week, here are our top picks:

Week of 8/5/22

Cato: CBP Is Expelling Thousands of Infants and Toddlers to Mexico After Midnight 

NPR: Texas and Arizona are sending migrants to D.C. without formal support in place 

Immigration Impact: Bond Hearings for Asylum Seekers Are Latest Casualty of the Recent Supreme Court Term

Reuters: Death threats alone can support asylum bid, appeals court rules 

Washington Post: The ticking time bomb still threatening the big climate deal

Week of 7/29/22

Frontera Desk: Lawyers file suit in AZ on behalf of asylum-seeking families forced to separate at border 

Press Herald: Number of asylum seeking families coming to Portland appears to slow, but many still wait in hotels 

Texas Observer: Migrant Deaths Are A Feature—Not A Bug—Of U.S. Immigration Policy

The Hill: Supreme Court wrong to block Biden immigration priorities El Paso Matters: Asylum-seeking family reunites with dog from Venezuela: ‘We needed him’

Week of 6/24/22

Axios: Trump-era Remain in Mexico program under new scrutiny

Forbes: Revelations Show Trump Immigration Policy Was Supposed To Be Harsher

ACLU: Without Access to Counsel, Detained Immigrants Face Increased Risks of Prolonged Detention and Unlawful Deportation

NBC15: Time’s running out for Afghans seeking asylum and Wisconsin lawyers step up

Houston Chronicle: This Father’s Day, don’t forget about those separated from their children

Week of 6/17/22

AP News: Justices dismiss Trump-era immigration case, in a Biden win 

AP News: US-expelled Haitians fuel charter business to Latin America 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Closing Pittsburgh immigration court symptomatic of broken system 

Times Union: Universities should play greater role in supporting refugees

The Hill: DHS policy encouraging discretion in deportations blocked by judge 

Week of 6/10/22

The Hill: Advocacy groups call on Biden to make migration commitments at Summit of the Americas

Daily Beast: Immigration Red Tape Imperils This Girl’s Transplant Chances 

Newsweek: Biden Struggles to Fulfill His Promise to Take 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

Border Report: DHS: False narratives on border security could inspire extremist violence

Vice: The Trump Policy Keeping Mothers and Children Broke and Stranded at the Border

Week of 6/3/2022

Week of 4/15/2022

NY Times: U.S. Offers Protection to People Who Fled War in Cameroon

The Hill: Bus with migrants sent by Texas governor arrives in DC

MSNBC: Abuse of migrant children didn’t start with Trump. It didn’t end with him, either

KPBS: Two months after Tijuana shut down migrant border camp, asylum-seekers worse off

Rio Grande Guardian: Republicans continue to warn of ‘invasion’ at southern border that doesn’t exist

Week of 4/1/2022

Vice: The US Admitted a Group of Russians at the Border Under Secret Deal With Mexico

USA Today: Biden administration will rescind Trump-era immigration policy expelling migrants at the border

Business Insider: Leaked Video Exemplifies What Black Migrants Suffer in U.S. Detention Centers

BuzzFeed News: Asylum-Seekers Forced To Wait In Mexico Face Horrid Conditions In Shelters, Legal Aid Groups Say

Washington Post: An abject Biden failure on immigration should prompt a real rethink

Week of 3/25/2022

ABC News: Biden admin move to expedite asylum processing gets mixed feedback

Fronteras: Asylum seekers in Nogales compare Title 42 immigration policy to crucifixion

CBS News: U.S. launches deportation operation to Colombia using Title 42 border rule

Politico: Biden has a plan for Ukrainian refugees. Advocates want him to be bolder.

BuzzFeed News: ICE Is Creating A New Policy For Subpoenaing Reporters After Trying To Force BuzzFeed News To Turn Over Information

Week of 3/11/2022

Border Report: Courts give conflicting orders on asylum limits at border

Bloomberg Government: Biden Use of Trump Border Policy Draws Fresh Rebuke From Allies

ABC News: US reverses course, allows Ukrainian family to seek asylum

MSNBC: U.S. relief for Ukrainians exposes glaring immigration inequality

LA Times: Stop dividing immigrants into the ‘good’ vs. the ‘bad.’ They all deserve due process

Week of 3/4/2022

MSN: Many nonwhite refugees fleeing Ukraine caught in limbo at borders

Politico: DHS grants Ukrainians in U.S. temporary protected status for 18 months

America’s Voice: Trump’s $15 Billion Border Wall, Centerpiece of GOP Immigration Vision, No Match for $15 Hand Saw

Border Report: Migrants willing to climb 4,000 foot California mountain to get into U.S.

The Atlantic: Biden Seizes the Center

Week of 2/25/2022

Roll Call: Advocates urge protections for Ukrainians in US

Just Security: 80 Years Later, Preventing Another Executive Order 9066 Requires Recognizing Its Lessons

The Intercept: Arizona Attorney General Manufactured an “Invasion” at the Southern Border

Wall Street Journal: Aid Groups to Stop Representing Migrants in Remain in Mexico Program

Quixote Center: Biden has deported nearly as many Haitians in his first year as the last three presidents – combined

Week of 2/18/2022

Pew Research: Around four-in-ten Latinos in U.S. worry that they or someone close to them could be deported

Forbes: Communities Of Color Can’t Be Asked To Continue Shouldering The Burden Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Cato Institute: How the U.S. Created Cuban and Haitian Illegal Migration

Reuters: Migrants sew mouths shut in quest for Mexico passage to U.S. border

Axios: The for-profit detention circle

Week of 2/11/2022

ABC News: Mexican authorities evict Tijuana migrant camp near border

CGRS: Court Vacates Two Trump-Era Rules That Denied Work Authorization To Asylum Seekers

Reuters: U.S. to try house arrest for immigrants as alternative to detention

ProPublica: Internal Investigation Confirms Border Patrol Failures Leading Up to a 16-Year-Old’s Death on the Floor of His Cell

Al Jazeera: US-deported Cameroonians suffered serious rights violations

Week of 2/4/2022

CNN: US begins quietly flying Venezuelan migrants to Colombia under controversial border policy

CBS News: 36,000 Afghan evacuees lack pathway to permanent legal status in the U.S.

Time: Haitian-Americans Say Biden Is Turning His Back on a Country He Promised to Help

NBC News: White House supports permanent legal status for families separated at border

CNN: Internal documents show heated back-and-forth between DeSantis & Biden admin over care of migrant children